Moving (a life in boxes) is now in paperback

IMG_0968Look what came in this mail this week!

Yep, paperback copies of my novel, Moving (a life in boxes).  I put out the ebook earlier this year, but had decided that self-publishing it as an actual physical book would be too much hassle.  But a friend  published his novel using Amazon’s Createspace service, so I decided to check it out.  It turned out to be pretty easy (especially since I already had a proofed text and cover).

So now it exists!  And the physical quality of the books is very high.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they’ve turned out.

If you had wanted to read it, but weren’t into e-readers, I hope you’ll take this chance to check it out.  (And please let me know about what you think about both the story and the physical book–I’m curious to see if the quality continues to be consistent.)

Here’s a quick summary of the novel:

Moving (a life in boxes)

Jed and Lila are compulsive movers.  For them, moving boxes, packing tape, and open houses are the ultimate aphrodisiacs.  They meet on a moving day, Jed proposes on a moving day, and they end up moving 18 times in 18 years.  Moving defines their lives, their identities.  They move for fun, to recover from tragedy, and for new opportunities—until Lila decides she wants them to put down roots, in Boston.

Moving tells the story of a marriage challenged by wanderlust, regular old lust, obsession, infertility and adoption, and race.


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