Constant State of Panic reading at Charlestown Working Theatre, March 19

CSP ToF reading graphic

On Thursday, March 19, at 7pm, Theatre on Fire will present a reading of my play Constant State of Panic at the Charlestown Working Theatre, 442 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown. (Here are directions to the space.)   This darkly comic love story follows two people trying to stay together, despite the insanity of the world around them–the story of a man afraid of everything, and a woman afraid of nothing other than losing her husband. Lines between reality and fantasy become blurred as we journey through the looking glass of our modern NSA-era Wonderland.

Anna Trachtman is directing a terrifically talented cast of Bob Mussett, Kris Sidberry, Paul Melendy, and Amanda Ruggiero.  Bob played Tyndale in the production of my play, Fire on Earth from Fresh Ink a few years ago.  Kris and Amanda both just finished giving lovely performances in Intimate Apparel at the Lyric Stage Company.  Paul Melendy is currently appearing in That Hopey, Changey Thing at Stoneham Theatre.

It’ll be a fun night for the audience, but also especially useful to me as a writer–this play is in rehearsal for a production that opens in Waukegan, IL at the Clockwise Theatre , in April, and this is a chance for me to hear the latest changes I’ve been making, in front of an audience. (The audience is SO important in developing a play.)

I hope you’ll come check it the reading this Thursday.  (It’s free!)

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