Blood on the Snow is actually happening, in May!


Just about two years ago, Nat Sheidley, the director of public history at the Bostonian Society, commissioned me to write a play about the day after the 1770 Boston Massacre and a fateful meeting that took place in the Old Council Chambers at the Old State House, between Governor Hutchinson and his opposition, “The Patriots,” most notably Samuel Adams and John Hancock. For me, it was an opportunity to dive into a new era of historical research, and it was especially fun to be guided by such a knowledgeable historian.

The script came together quickly, but it took a while to raise all the money needed for this really cool, site-specific project. But thanks to a partnership with the National Park Service, we raised the money we needed. Blood on the Snow is now scheduled for a workshop and reading on March 6th (the date of the actual anniversary of the meeting) and a three-week run, opening May 13th, with an Equity cast.  We’ve got an incredible creative team assembled, lead by director Courtney O’Connor.

This production lets me indulge both my love of history and my experience creating site-specific work (which we did quite a bit in Denver with Chameleon Stage back in the 90s.) We’re already starting to get some press for the show, and seats are limited to 50/show, so I think tickets are going to go fast.

Here’s the blurb:

Boston, March 6, 1770.
Four unarmed civilians have been killed and eight more wounded by the King’s soldiers.
Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson is presented with a stark choice –
Remove the troops and give in to the mob’s demands or face another night of bloodshed.

Many know the story of the Boston Massacre, but few know of the events that took place the day after, on March 6, 1770. Blood on the Snow is a new play by Patrick Gabridge, set and staged in the Council Chamber of the Old State House. Almost 250 years ago, in that very room, the leaders of Boston struggled to heal their town and unwittingly placed Massachusetts on the road to revolution.

Visit the web site, for more information or to buy tickets.


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