Lots of good news for Santa!

Lots of good news for my short play, Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. It will have productions and readings from:

  • December 2016. Seoul, South Korea
  • January 13-Feb 18. Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA
  • January 20 – Feb 5.  Playwrights Round Table, Orlando, FL
  • March-April.  Longwood University 0-60 Festival, Virginia
  • April.  Community College of Rhode Island, Providence, RI
  • May 31- June 10. InspiraTO Festival , Toronto. (It won first prize!)

The Christmas comedy had six productions and readings in 2016 and is fast on its way to becoming one of my most popular short plays. I’m hoping to be able to travel to Toronto for the InspiraTO festival. My play Quack was in the festival last year, but I missed it.



Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
10 minutes. Holiday comedy.  2m, 1w  (gender casting in this play is flexible)
Mom and Dad have never gotten around to telling Jeffrey that there’s no Santa. He’s 30, and he still believes. This Christmas the truth comes out about Santa, as well as a few other family secrets.

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