Both/And in “Love and Other Entanglments” at the MIT Museum

Image may contain: nightI’ve been commissioned to write a short play about quantum entanglement by the Central Square Theatre and the MIT Museum, as part of an exhibit around a really weird and cool experiment that’s been conducted by MIT Professors David Kaiser and Alan Guth and a whole team of super smart people. The resulting script, Both/And, will have its first public reading this Friday, February 10th at the MIT Museum in Cambridge at 7 pm, as part of a program called “Love and Other Entanglements” which will feature stories, music, and our play.

The script is still in development, so this is a chance for us to hear how it works for an audience. I’m thrilled to be reunited with director Rebecca Bradshaw (who directed my play Fire on Earth four years ago for Fresh Ink in Boston), and to be working with a talented and fun cast of Grace Trapnell, Susannah Wilson, and Josephine Elwood.

Come check it out!

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