Collected Obsessions

This evening of short plays presents a captivating mix of comedy and drama. Each of the eight short plays features an array of lovable lunatics whose fixations include numbers, the rapture, a co-worker, lovers, spiders, silence, an extinct bird, and the act of writing. Whether their journeys end in laughter or tears, these characters pursue their desires with singular focus and intensity.

With a flexible cast size, ranging from 4-20, and offering fun roles with a variety of challenges, this collection of obsessive scripts can satisfy the needs of almost any theatre group. An absolute delight for audiences.

(published by Heuer Publishing)

Titles Include:

Mary’s struggles with the pressures of motherhood produce an intense, lyrical, sleepless night. A wild comic romp of exhaustion.

Crowded Heart
Frank confronts the object of his infatuation in a secret chamber of his heart. An intense play of suppressed desire.

The Sky is Falling
Samantha is informed that the rapture will arrive tomorrow, and the elect will be taken from the earth in space ships. Samantha’s sister and her Grandmother aren’t surprised—they’ve seen this from Samantha before. But they go along for a wild night of farewells and a surprising visitation. Lots of heartfelt laughs as two sisters prepare to say goodbye forever.

Friction between a landlord and tenant transforms into an intense competition, in this battle for ultimate silence. A truly haunting piece.

Den of Iniquity
Gerald sneaks off from his family to a shady part of town to meet a woman, who, for the right price, will satisfy his needs. Gerald scrambles to hide his desires when his wife comes pounding on the door. A hilarious look at the desire for creative outlet.

The Invisible Husband
Iris wants to love every aspect of her husband, but he comes from a tribe of invisible men who can’t be seen until they die. Her overpowering desire to see his face twists her mind and emotions in this heartbreaking adaptation of an Eskimo folktale.

Confirmed Sighting
Fiona and Kelly have spotted an ivory-billed woodpecker, once thought extinct, in the swamps of Arkansas. Fiona is an ornithologist and this sighting will make her career, but Kelly owns the photographic evidence that Fiona desperately needs.

Measuring Matthew
Matthew is obsessed with two things: numbers and Jennifer. When Jennifer leaves him, he’s driven to the edge of desperation. His salvation rests in the hands of his neighbor, June, who understands Matthew more than he expects. A quirky comedy of neuroses.