Constant State of Panic

Constant State of Panic

Jenny and Dave in Constant State of Panic

Dave and Jenny battle it out.


(Full-length comedy. Cast: 2 women, 2 men)

This darkly comic love story follows two people trying to stay together, despite the insanity of the world around them-the story of a man afraid of everything, and a woman afraid of nothing other than losing her husband.

A fresh, new play with a surprising surreal style, Constant State of Panic takes a twisted look at how a couple survives in a modern society thriving on fear.  Lines between reality and fantasy become blurred as we journey through the looking glass of our modern NSA-era Wonderland.
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Production History


Casting and Production Requirements:

Time: The Bush Years (or the very near future)

Place: America

Setting: The Tamzah house. (Unit set.)

Character Descriptions: (2 women, 2 men)

  • Dave Tamzah: a white guy in his 30s/40s. Afraid of everything. </p>
  • Sonia Tamzah: married to Dave. A black woman in her 30s/40s.
  • Jim Willoughby: white man, 30-60s, various roles. An agent of the government.
  • Jenny Masterson: white woman, 20s-40s. Various roles. A TV reporter.
  • Martha: offstage Bible lady, played by same actress as Jenny.
Dave and Sonia

Dave and Sonia live in a world full of fear. (Paul McLane and Carleen Troy in the Madcap Players production.)