None but the Best

None but the Best

Musical with historical music from the 1800s. Music selection and direction by Kay Dunlap.

cast:  minimum 8 men, 6-8 women (with doubling), and children. Can use a larger cast.

running time: about 95 minutes

The period following the Civil War was a time of great turmoil in America: reconstruction, industrialization, the Gilded Age, labor struggles, and women’s suffrage. Through it all, a family paper from Boston, The Youth’s Companion, was a steady presence in half a million homes across the nation, featuring voices of poets and presidents, science and travel stories, and promoting patriotism and temperance. From the sidelines, publisher Daniel Sharp Ford quietly used his wealth to help thousands of disadvantaged people. None but the Best pulls back the curtain on a man whose generosity still leaves fingerprints across the city and the nation.

This play was commissioned by In Good Company and produced by them in Boston, Sherbourne, and Needham, Massachusetts in 2013.


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