Here are a bunch of links to news stories, blog posts, reviews and even a few radio and audio recordings about me and my work:


The T Plays version of Escape to Wonderland

Ally Tully and Jen O’Connor in Escape to Wonderland in the T Plays

WBUR reporter Jessica Alpert put together a great story about the T Plays series that I was part of in 2010.  She followed me around while I was riding on the T, writing my play.




Blog interviews/Tours:

Zack Calhoun did a nice interview with me for the New York production of Curse the Darkness on his blog, Visible Soul, in his People You Should Know series.

Adam Szymkowicz interviewed me for his I Interview Playwrights series (I was number 74).

When the One-Minute Play Festival was in town, I got to write a fun guest blog post for them.

I did a mini-blog tour for the e-book of Tornado Siren on:

Laura Axelrod, a writer whom I’ve known for years, ran a eight-part interview with me on her blog, Gasp!.  We talked about writing novels and plays and life and God and all that good stuff.

The folks at really liked the query that I used to find my agent, and included it in this post on Conveying Characters in Query Letters.  (it was fun to be included)

The Massachusetts Cultural Council interviewed me about becoming a Huntington Playwriting Fellow and writing for Emerging America on the ArtsSake blog.



Karen and Stack from Blinders

Karen Woodward-Massey and Stephen Cooper in Blinders


In addition to writing, I’m also heavily involved with urban gardening and farming.  The Brookline TAB put together a fun video about the 200 Foot Garden Project that I helped start in 2009.