Measuring Matthew poster

the film version of Measuring Matthew

In the fall of 2011, I worked with SheMoon productions to adapt my short play, Measuring Matthew, into a short film (here the  Facebook page for the film).  It was completed in April of 2012 and began making the festival circuit.  So far, it has appeared in the following festivals:

  • BrownFish Film Festival, New York
  • Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival, Lancaster, PA
  • Filmshift Festival, Somerville, MA
  • Connecticut Film Festival
  • NY Shorts Fest, NY


Here are short summaries of my feature-film screenplays.

The Carrier.
Feature-length action/drama.
The carrier of a deadly disease is hunted down by the one woman he trusts and loves. An intense struggle for life on the edge of catastrophe.

The Three Great Loves of Christopher J. Tomaski.
Feature-length drama.
Obsessed by his need for answers, Chris Tomaski is drawn back to his hometown by his sister’s suicide. Soon he finds himself caught in the center of an intense tug-of-war between his mother, his girlfriend, and the ghost of his dead sister.
5th Place winner of the 2002 New Century Writer Awards.

Mr. Irresistible.
Feature-length comedy.
A young shoe salesman wakes up one morning to find that he’s become irresistible to every woman alive. Unfortunately, they’re all getting between him and the one woman he truly loves.

Hide and Seek
Feature-length drama.
A couple’s role-playing games turns serious when the wife decides not to return to reality and forces her husband to become the detective of their fantasies.